Pipeline-E-Liquid-Vape Distribution Australia


Complex presents Pipeline. This is a combination of Watermelon, Apple and Blackcurrant. Flavour Layering: Watermelon takes the top notes on this m...

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Cloud Nine-E-Liquid-Vape Distribution Australia

Cloud Nine

Complex introduces Cloud Nine. This is a Mango Lychee set with a cool hit to keep things fresh. Flavour Layering: Lychee is the base note with Man...

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Manu Bay-E-Liquid-Vape Distribution Australia

Manu Bay

Complex introduces Manu Bay. This is a phenomenal blend of Kiwi, Banana and Strawberry.åÊ Flavour Layering: Kiwi takes the top notes in this mix, ...

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Maveryck's-E-Liquid-Vape Distribution Australia


Complex presents Maveryk's. This is a delectable Orange and Blackcurrant combination set. Flavour layering: Sweet Orange hits the front notes with...

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CloudBreak-E-Liquid-Vape Distribution Australia


Complex presents CloudBreak. This is your punchy citrusy Pineapple lemonade. Sweetness is kept at a perfect level to maintain consistent enjoyment...

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Superbank-E-Liquid-Vape Distribution Australia


Complex presents Superbank. This is a combination of Pineapple and Lime. Flavour Layering: The Pineapple and Lime take the top notes with the a re...

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